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Dr. Mark Zukowski

Dr. Mark Zukowski is the Founder of the Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Wilmette, Illinois. The Zukowski Center is a state-of-the-art modern fully accredited surgical facility specializing in feminization techniques.

The Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Surgery

The Zulowski Center is a state-of-the-art modern fully accredited surgical facility located in Wilmette, Illinois on The North Shore of Chicago. Their philosophy is to individualize each surgical procedure to your unique needs and anatomy. 

Facial Feminization Surgery

Dr. Zukowski is internationally recognized as the premier American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in the world for facial bone and soft tissue feminization as well as breast and body feminization procedures in the transgender community.

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As the world of cosmetic surgery is always changing, Dr. Zukowski and the Center are always updating their knowledge and educating the public on the latest services and practices.

Dr. Mark Zukowski


Dr. Mark Zukowski

Dr. Mark Zukowski is a native of Upstate NY. He has a B.S degree in Biochemistry from Union College and graduated from Northwestern University Medical School. Dr. Zukowski completed his prerequisite 3 years of General Surgery training and 3 years of Plastic Surgery training at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

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Discover Dr. Zukowski’s latest projects.

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